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Lunary Sleep Program

Initial Sleep Assessment
Start with a quick test to identify your sleep issues
Educational Modules
Access 44 modules covering various aspects of sleep health
Custom Sleep Improvement Plan
Receive a program tailored to your needs
Daily Affirmations and Practices
Engage with 300 affirmations and 50 relaxing techniques
Relaxing Audio Collection
Explore 50 tracks of sleep music and guided meditations
Quests for Progress
Interactive tasks and challenges to keep you on track
Research-Based Approach
Benefit from insights drawn from over 200 studies
Simple Integration
All features available through an easy-to-use chatbot
Feel the difference in just two weeks. With Lunary, transform your sleep once a day, at your own pace.

Discover how Lunary can enhance your life

Lunary, your personal sleep guide, uses scientifically-backed strategies and compassionate support to lead you to the oasis of restful sleep
Deep, Restorative Sleep
Say goodbye to tossing and turning
Reduced Stress and Anxiety
Embrace calmness
Boosted Daytime Energy
Wake up refreshed and ready
Do restless nights sound familiar? You're not alone. Many struggle with stress, anxiety, and irregular sleep patterns. But here at Lunary, we understand and have the solution.

Oleg Radyuk

Lunary Medical Advisor
Hello, I'm Oleg Radyuk, Lunary Medical Advisor. I have more then 20 years of experience working with CBT including CBT-i.

I wrote over 70 scientific publications. I know how to deal with insomnia and make your quality of life better.


  • I've used Lunary for last month and I've had some incredible results. I feel refreshed and I've put on nearly 5 pounds of lean muscle with no increase of body fat.
    Overall I was very impressed with my progress with Lunary. After years of experimentation with sleep aids and some not so healthy ways to fall asleep I think I've finally found a thing that worked for me.
    Jennifer Earton
    Fitness Lover
  • LIFE. CHANGER. Like for 15 last years, I have had issues with sleep. Sometimes I can't fall asleep for 2-4 hours straight. It's very exhausting, but I don't want to become an Ambien zombie or whatever. After Lunary it almost never happens. I have discovered that I did a lot of things just wrong! Well, it's real pleasure to get up refreshed and fall asleep fast. Also, I don't know how this works but my kids (2, 3, and 5) who seemed at one point to ALWAYS be sick... Haven't been sick in a while. I guess if you sleep enough it affects the whole family
    Ashley King
  • I'm anxious person. I worry a lot and because of that I'm successful at work. I pay attention to details and checking things over an over. By there is a price. Racing thoughts just keep me up at night. Sometimes I just wake up in the middle of the night and can't fall asleep.

    I've tried Lunary as beta-tester. My quality of life has improved greatly because of this product. I am able to workout, work, be social and raise my twos toddlers. I haven't had this much energy in so long. If anything my mental clarity is so sharp. I am able to actually knock out task when I set out to do them.
    I have definitely noticed an improved sense of clarity and focus.
    Elsa Brook
    Marketing Director
  • Well, I have had sleep issues for as long as I remember. Tried to visit doctors but they recommended nothing really. Just checked vitamin levels recommended b12 and iron. did a sleep study. Everything seemed ok so was little help. At some point, I just gave up and started to take some alcohol before bed and watch youtube till I knock out. Tried different meds but I always feel groggy next day so it's no way for me.

    I'm glad I found Lunary. I was able to fix my sleep one step at a time starting with the regimen and sleep hygiene. During my personal 30 days course, I've noticed that my way of thinking has been changed. I've figured out that all my problems was just psychological. Like bad habits since childhood. Now my life is better. I can do more. Feel more energy. That's just great.
    Barry Stotch
    Software Engineer
  • Lunary taught me how to correct my sleep schedule and change the way I think about sleep. I feel more energetic and powerful and wake up refreshed. Highly recommend!
    Jessica, 34 y.o.
    Mother of two

Ready to embark on a journey to blissful nights and energized mornings? Lunary awaits. Join us now and experience the change

Ensure the WhatsApp app is installed on your device before proceeding